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"An incredibly attentive, knowledgeable, and talented voice teacher. Assigns appropriate yet challenging repertoire, and works with you to address weaknesses and accentuate strengths. Thank you, Natalie!" - Ariel A.

"A true master of her craft! What’s even better is that she is a great teacher too! It’s not easy to find someone with both qualities. She is kind and patient and really takes the time to make sure you understand and feel comfortable. She makes you love and appreciate music. She is a true gift. Wonderful with kids and adults!" - Pat K.


Bel canto, Italian for "beautiful singing," is the healthiest and most conducive method to coaxing and strengthening the natural voice. Vocal training of any kind, whether in rhetoric (for orators or lawyers), drama (stage actors), or the singer, includes the bel canto approach for breath control and healthy vocal production. With this approach, the singer engages the body and its resonators with precise control and expressivity. 

Alongside Bel Canto technique, Dr. Buickians incorporates written and aural music theory, language study, and performance strategies. She offers a compassionate and understanding environment sensitive to the individual student's need(s). She works with students aged 16 and up, students with or without musical backgrounds. She teaches locally as well as remotely.

Concert Hall
Concert Hall
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